Calleri misses penalty, but São Paulo beats Ceará for the South American

São Paulo went ahead of Ceará in the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana. Welcoming Vozão this Wednesday, at Morumbi, for the first leg, Tricolor had difficulties to reach the opposing goal, especially in the first half, but managed to swing the nets with Nikão to leave the field with the important victory by 1 to 0 .

The triumph was not more elastic because Calleri missed a penalty in the final stretch of the second half. The Argentine striker was hit in the face by Victor Luis in a ball dispute and, after a VAR review, the referee awarded the penalty, but goalkeeper João Ricardo saved the Argentine’s shot.

São Paulo and Ceará will face each other again next Wednesday, at 19:15 (Brasília time), at Arena Castelão. Tricolor will have the advantage of playing for a tie to secure qualification for the Copa Sudamericana semifinal.

The game

São Paulo had a lot of difficulty finding spaces in Ceará’s defense in the first half and, when they managed to find a gap, they failed to finish the plays. The solution was to bet on the aerial game, but Vozão’s defense won most of the duels from above, neutralizing Calleri, the main tricolor threat.

Ceará was the one who arrived with danger first, in the 29th minute. Nino Paraíba received in depth from the right, counted on Léo’s failure to try to protect the ball and, in the back line, inside the area, he hit straight into the goal, surprising Felipe Alves and stamping the post.

Later it was Miranda’s turn to retreat to Felipe Alves, but miss the pass force, making the São Paulo goalkeeper stretch all the way to prevent Mendoza from completing to the back of the net. Providential defense.

São Paulo, in turn, only scared the visitors in stoppage time. After a corner kick, Miranda deflected his head, Igor Gomes, also headed, fixed it, and Léo, inside the small area, hit first, but saw goalkeeper João Ricardo make the save at close range to keep the 0-0 0-0. on the scoreboard.

Second time

The second half had a lot more emotions compared to the first half. In the first minute, Tricolor almost opened the scoring with Igor Gomes, who received it inside the area, dominated and hit cross, but Victor Luis appeared in the middle of the way to block the kick. On the rebound, Nestor also tried to finish for the goal, but again Ceará’s defense managed to prevent the ball from reaching João Ricardo’s goal.

A little later it was Luciano’s turn to receive with his back to the goal, at the entrance of the area, and turn, hitting, in the corner, demanding a good defense from the Ceará goalkeeper, who spread out for a corner. The visitors only responded in the 15th minute, when Léo missed a pass to Gabriel Neves, creating the counterattack. Vina went down the right and crossed low to Mendoza, who tried to complete with a cart and almost opened the scoring for Vozão.

Trying to avoid a tie in the first game of the quarterfinals, coach Rogério Ceni decided to promote three substitutions: Pablo Maia, Nikão and Galoppo took the places of Gabriel Neves, Luciano and Igor Gomes. The fact is that minutes later, the São Paulo coach’s choices proved to be correct. At 24 minutes Igor Vinícius found Nikão inside the area. The number 10 dominated, fixed and hit hard, with no chance for João Ricardo, opening the score at Morumbi.

Driven by the goal, São Paulo went on the attack and minutes later had the golden chance to expand. Welington crossed, and Calleri, going up to head, was hit in the face. After a VAR review, the referee awarded a penalty. Calleri himself went for the kick, but goalkeeper João Ricardo made the save. Thus, it was up to Tricolor to settle for the meager 1-0 victory at Morumbi.


Place: Morumbi Stadium in Sao PauloDate: August 3, 2022, WednesdayTime: 19:15 (from Brasilia)Referee: Piero Maza (CHI)Assistants: Christian Schiemann (CHI) and Claudio Rios (CHI)VAR: Jhon Perdomo (COL)

Public: 52,338 fans
Income: BRL 2,953,068.00

Yellow cards: Nino Paraíba, Victor Luis (Ceará); Wellington, Pablo Maia (Sao Paulo)
Goal: Nikão, at 24 of the 2nd quarter (São Paulo)

SAO PAULO: Felipe Alves; Diego Costa, Miranda and Leo; Igor Vinícius, Gabriel Neves (Pablo Maia), Igor Gomes (Galoppo), Rodrigo Nestor (Colorado) and Welington; Luciano (Nikão) and Calleri (Eder).Technician: Rogerio Ceni.

CEARÁ: João Ricardo; Nino Paraíba, Messias, Luiz Otávio and Victor Luis; Richardson and Richard; Mendoza, Vina and Diego (Fernando Sobral); Iury Castilho (Cléber).Technician: Marquinhos Santos.

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