Change 6 settings on your phone to turn it into a powerhouse

O smartphone It is indispensable for communication, whether to talk to friends, boyfriend or family. At work, the tool certainly gained some formality among employees. Enabling purchases and access to banking services quickly, some care needs to be considered when configuring your tools.

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Updating or configuring a cell phone certainly optimizes its processing. In this way, it is possible to spend less battery and improve access speed. In addition, protecting your privacy is also among the great benefits of making small changes, seeking to ensure your digital security on a daily basis.

Understand what you can do to improve your mobile experience

1- Hide notifications from lock screen

Android: access the settings and then, by clicking on ”Lock Screen” > ”Notifications”, disabling the function in ”Disabled”.
iOS: In settings, select ”Notifications” > ”Previews” > ”Never”.

2- Disable ad tracking

On Google, access your account and the ”Data and Privacy” section, turning off monitoring in: “Your activities and places you’ve been” > “Ad settings” > “Ads customization”.

3- Disable precise location

Android: go to settings and then go to “Local” and disable the activation key.
iOS: on iPhone not much step by step, just disable by following “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services”.

4- Put password on WhatsApp

Android: Download Norton App Lock and tap configure, choosing unlock pattern.
iOS: From WhatsApp itself, go to “Account” > “Privacy” > “Screen lock” and enable the option “Request Face ID/Touch ID”.

5- Delete activities in apps

On Google you can enable this option in applications that use your email as login. Under ”Web & App Activities”, press ”Disable”.

6- Limit background data usage

In ”Settings”, go to ”About Phone” and find the ”Version number” by clicking on the screen until the message ”You are now a developer” appears. On the previous screen, click on ”Developer Options” and in the ”Applications” tab, enable ”Background Process Limit”.

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