Company seeks candy tester, adult or child, for BRL 400,000/year

A company is offering $100,000 a year to an employee who will serve as a candy tester.

Anyone over the age of five can apply for a spot at Candy Funhouse — or “House of Candy Fun”, in free translation, an online store that, according to CNN, has sales of close to 15 million dollars a year — the equivalent of more than BRL 75 million. For this, the candidate only needs to live in North America, since the work is face-to-face or hybrid, with presence at least part of the week in the Toronto or Newark offices, in the state of New Jersey (USA).

Children and teens can be used in the vacancy and work from home, as long as responsibility is assumed by parents or legal guardians who represent them and complete the assessment documents for those under 18, according to information from the USA Today website.

In North America, legislation permits children to work in some cases, with the exception of agriculture and work in high-risk industries. Minors under 18 years of age may have contracts in some situations, depending on their age and the limited daily working hours on days they attend teaching units.

More than 100,000 applications have already been registered by Candy Funhouse’s hiring department, but interested parties can express interest until August 31, a company spokesperson said.

The job description posted on Linkedin states that the “head of the candy department” must “love all things sugary and chocolate” as well as “be passionate about confectionery and exploring unreleased or existing products.”

Despite the attractive salary and role, Candy Funhouse makes it clear that the employee will not be a part of a movie like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In addition to the fun part, the “tester” will have to participate in meetings with other candy developers and lead the testing of the products, in addition to being present in posts on social networks.

He will have to test 3,500 products a year — 25 to 35 a month — detailed Jamal Hejazi, the company’s CEO, in the job description.

In addition, the employee will be responsible for giving the “seals of approval” from the head of the candy department, approving — or not — the products that are part of the inventory.

“The candidate will undergo intense taste training and exams. In addition, he must be able to put fun as a priority in our routine”, said the leader of the Canadian company, who also prepared a humorous video about expectations. with the new employee.

In the recording, alleged “doceologists”, who would be specialists in sugary delights, claim that the company wants to “set a trend” in the industry. They say they want a leader who is “bold, creative and able to give honest opinions.”

In addition to the high salary, the position includes health benefits and dental plan. Candy Funhouse does not require specific prior experience, but makes it clear that evidence of interest in the food industry and pop culture is a plus.

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