Corinthians fans sell out tickets for the game against Flamengo at Maracan

Although they lost 2-0 in the first leg of the Libertadores quarterfinals, Corinthians fans promise to show up in good numbers at Maracanã, against Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro, this Tuesday. The alvinegro club reported that tickets for the visiting sector are sold out.

“Tickets Sold Out! Fiel guaranteed all the cargo destined for the visitor’s sector of Maracanã for next week’s decision against Flamengoby CONMEBOL Libertadores”, informed Corinthians through its social networks – see post below.

The boards of Corinthians and Flamengo, it is worth mentioning, closed an agreement regarding the spaces for visitors of their respective stadiums in the quarterfinals of Libertadores. So, around four thousand seats will be reserved for alvinegro fans at Maracanã.

In Rio de Janeiro, the visitor sector will be increased and there are two ways to do this. Horizontally (widening the upper sector) or vertically (opening the lower sector as well).

“We are upset by the Corinthians who are left out, but it’s a game of 180 minutes and we need Fiel, it makes the difference. The decisive thing is the second game and we couldn’t go to a decision without the fan on the side. I discussed this with organizations, partners and counselors to make the decision. Today the fans are upset, but next week we will have 4 thousand Corinthians fans at Maracanã”, punctuated Duilio Monteiro Alves, to the podcast UlyssesCast.

Before the decisive confrontation at Maracanã, Corinthians enters the field in a match valid for the Brazilian Championship. This Saturday, at 7pm, coach Vítor Pereira’s team will go to Arena Ressacada, in Florianópolis, to measure forces with Avaí.

See the Corinthians publication

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