Corinthians vs Flamengo: SBT’s defeat to Globo’s Pantanal was not bad for Silvio Santos’ channel

THE SBT’s defeat to Globo in the game between Corinthians and Flamengo, for the Libertadores quarterfinals raised an internet debate about the difference in the ratings of the two channels. Despite this, through a general assessment, it is possible to conclude that the result was not bad for Silvio Santos’ channel.

According to data obtained by the THROW!, SBT reached 22.3 average points, 26.2 peak points and 33% share. In other words, 33% of Brazilian homes with TV on were watching SBT. The result is positive, since the station usually registers 5 points with the soap opera “Carinha de Anjo” and “Programa do Ratinho”, in the same time slot, representing a growth of more than 400%.

The growth, even if punctual, is seen with good eyes by the broadcaster, as it attracts investors and advertisements. For that reason, SBT decided to invest in other football fronts such as the Champions League, the Copa America and women’s soccer tournamentsshowing that it seeks breath to position itself as one of the references in sports broadcasts in Brazil in the coming years.

Corinthians vs Flamengo

Flamengo defeated Corinthians in São Paulo (Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP)

As a comparison, the victory of Flamengo over Atlético-MG, in July, in the Copa do Brasil, made Globo record 39 points and 58% share. This was the biggest TV audience – regardless of the show’s genre, since the BBB 2021 final on 5/4/2021, which recorded 39 points and 60% participation

The game also caused an increase in Globo’s audience in the so-called Night Band, which averages the audience between 6 pm and 12 am: 31 points and 48% participation. A record since 5/4/2021. Taking into account only Wednesdays, this was the highest audience since 3/10/2021 (31 points and 49% participation) and participation since 5/5/2021 (29 points and 48% participation).

Historically, SBT has a lower audience than Globo, which has led the ratings since the 1970s with the 8 pm telenovela – which recently began airing after 9 pm. The feuilleton is a consolidated institution in Brazilian homes and usually hits numbers above 30 audience points.

That’s why the broadcaster adopted the strategy of extending the attraction until 23:00 – normally the soap opera ends at 10:30 pm. In addition, Pantanal is a remake of audience success and repercussion on the internet. Added to this is the fact that Globo has a loyal audience in the time slot to explain that the SBT result should be celebrated by the broadcaster.

A survey recently published by the IPEC institute, at the request of the newspaper “O Globo”, points out that 24.4% of the Brazilian population does not support any team. The number of fans of Flamengo, the club with the greatest support, is lower: 21.8%. This also helps to explain the impact of telenovelas in the fight against football in SBT.

This result points favorably to the vice-leader of the audience. While Globo, when it broadcasts football, accumulates sports lovers and people who stay on the station out of habit, SBT managed to gather a niche of lovers of the game, counting, obviously, with Flamengo fans and Corinthians fans.

+ Band grows 400% with Formula 1; compare with numbers from Globo

There is no doubt that the sport mobilizes the passion of millions of fans and some of them have very strong niches. So much so that, even with the Globo losing some of the rights like Formula 1 and the states of Rio and São Paulo, what could be seen is that sports represented an increase in audience for the new owners, but they were not able to reach the global numbers precisely because of this loyalty of the captive audience on open TV.

It is not possible to crimp based on trade details that the Globo won SBT in the dispute for the next three-year period of Libertadores because of lower ratings. However, what is known is that the broadcasters fought fiercely – with very similar values ​​offered – for these rights, which made Conmebol request an extra meeting to make a decision.

+ Globo director explains change that allowed Libertadores to return to the broadcaster

The work of SBT had been well evaluated by Conmebol. Silvio Santos’ channel bought the rights after Globo broke up during the pandemic and gave it a special look, even making a special transmission scheme in the two previous finals. SBT had also committed to showing the independent final whether it was Brazilian or not, which broke a Globo practice that did not usually show games without Brazilians.

Globo ended up winning and the SBT got a “consolation prize”: the Copa Sudamericana. The Rio broadcaster had to give up some practices and even accepted to broadcast the final even if there were no Brazilians in it and also to show the sponsors of Conmebol. The agreement runs from 2023 to 2025.

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