Cuca highlights Atlético-MG performance and sees open confrontation with Palmeiras

The feeling in the Atlético-MG locker room after the draw with Palmeiras was a mixture of sadness for the goal conceded in the second half stoppage time with the confidence that the team can qualify in the return game, in São Paulo. Galo won the game 2-0, but saw the alviverde team react and seek equality. The 2-2 tie frustrated Atletico’s plans, but enough to kill the athletes.

That was the line that coach Cuca followed to explain the result. The Atlético coach made a point of highlighting the good performance of his team, which opened 2-0 and created many other opportunities.

“It’s a pleasant game to watch, with great intensity from both teams. When we talk about intensity, it doesn’t just mean attacking – play and defense as well. The team was very intense, but you can’t play 90 minutes in the same way, and we knew that. We played 70 minutes that way and very well”, said Cuca, who highlighted the fact that the dispute was still open.

“When the emotional is down, it’s the opponent who has something more. This is a natural thing. Then you have to defend that moment and have the counterattack. We, at that moment, were unfortunate. tie. It’s open. Next Wednesday, we’ll see what happens”.

The Copa Libertadores regulations changed in 2022 and the qualifying goal, which cost Atlético last year’s elimination, is no longer a tiebreaker. Therefore, in the home of a new equality, at Allianz Parque, next Wednesday (10), the decision will be in the penalty shootout. A simple win is enough for Galo to qualify, as well as what Palmeiras needs.

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