DC Cancellations Spark Peacemaker Alert, and James Gunn Responds

The recent cancellation of batgirl, announced by Warner Bros., took fans of the series Peacemaker to get scared and question the director, James Gunnif all was well with the attraction’s future.

In addition, he was also asked on social media if the incursion that will take place in The Flash will change anything in the timeline of Peacemaker.

To calm fans, the director responded by saying, “It’s okay, and yes, Peacemaker will continue to be a part of the DCEU.”

Gunn also confirmed that filming for the new season is scheduled to start sometime next year – which isn’t that far off anymore.

Peacemaker (John Cena) in Peacemaker
Christopher Smith (John Cena) in Peacemaker (Reproduction)

What is Peacemaker about?

The series is a derivative of The Suicide Squad and already has its first full season on HBO Max.

In the film’s plot, the Peacemaker gets involved with the rest of the team by the determination of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), but ends up being abandoned to his fate, to die at the hands of the Bloodthirsty (Idris Elba).

However, the character survives and, in the series, he is recruited into a special program as a solo agent.

Peacemaker (John Cena) in Peacemaker

Wave of cancellations also threatens The Flash at Warner Bros.?

A new report released by Variety has left audiences intrigued by the film’s future. The Flashwhich is also completed.

The problem is that the behavior of actor Ezra Miller in recent months has generated a great deal of controversy and several scandals that have affected not only The Flashbut also the franchise Fantastic Beasts.

Now, in the face of all the problems, executives have not been able to think of what to do with the film after all the controversies, and there is still no internal consensus from Warner Bros. until the moment.

Considering its high budget, which was around $250 million, it is likely that the film will still be released in theaters in order to try to recoup the studio’s investment.

However, if that happens, it is likely that there will not be a publicity tour with the main characters, as Miller is not in a position to do that and his appearance would further tarnish the name of the studio’s film.

It remains to be seen what decision will be made by Warner Bros.

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