Demogorgon? Five-headed, eyeless bug intrigues science

The intriguing image of a “five-headed beast” posted by a marine life profile on TikTok gained fame on social media for its resemblance to the Demogorgon, a fictional creature from the series “Stranger Things”.

The short, 15-second video, which had no caption, shows the animal with tiny teeth and tails biting a crab leg. Published on Tuesday (26), the image gained more than 10 million views and had the comments closed because of the volume of opinions received.

“The ocean is a soup of monsters, I can’t convince myself otherwise,” said one of the netizens. “Has anyone else rushed to the comments to find the only human being who knows what these things are? Oh my God,” said another.

To satisfy the curious. biologist Polli Padilla also used TikTok to explain that the “monsters” seen in the photo are actually a group of fish whose scientific name is Odontamlyopus lacepedii.

“They are fish. Very ugly fish, which are called gobies. The scientific name of this group is ‘Amblyopinae‘. There are 25 species in this group,” he said. padilla stated that the species usually appear in the ocean regions Indo-Pacificin Africa, Asia and Australia.

The “natural environment” of these fish is in muddy waters. “They have small eyes, so often when you look at some photographs of these groups, you will see that they have no eyes or very tiny eyes,” he said.

The Demogorgon in a scene from the first season of "Stranger Things" - Reproduction - Reproduction

The Demogorgon in a scene from the first season of “Stranger Things”

Image: Reproduction

According to her, the animals of the species are carnivores and feed on small molluscs or other fish smaller than themselves.

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