Ellen Pompeo Criticizes “Grey’s Anatomy”: “Less Preaching”

A day after the announcement that he will appear less in the next season of “Grey’s Anatomy”the actress Ellen Pompeo publicly criticized the series. She said she would like the production to deal with social topics without preaching. For Ellenlacks subtlety in some episodes.

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The criticism was made by the protagonist of “Grey’s Anatomy” in her podcast “Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo”. “I think if I had any desire honestly, it would be less preaching about certain things,” vented the actress.

"Grey's Anatomy": Ellen Pompeo will appear (much) less in season 19
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“We do an episode about… Let’s see… ‘Asian Hate Crimes’ is one we did last season, which was really emotional. I think I’d like to see things happen a little more subtly and over time. You know, consistently. I wish it was less ‘hammering in your head for just an hour’ and then we never talked about it again. I wish we could address these social issues that are important and have them as issues throughout.” Ellen Pompeo.

The truth is, she’s already tired of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Ellen He said several times that he thought it was time to finish the story. But ABC doesn’t want to, because they make a lot of money selling the seasons all over the world. “Grey’s Anatomy” remains a success, and goes into its 19th season. But Ellen will not participate in all episodes.

Ellen Pompeo criticizes "Grey's Anatomy": "less preaching"
(Photo: ABC)

Why won’t Ellen Pompeo appear in every episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”?

The reason for the absence of Ellen Pompeo in so many episodes is a new work by the actress. She closed with the platform Hulu to star in a series about the real history of the Ukrainian Natalia Grace. She was adopted by American parents, who later abandoned her and moved to Canada, claiming she was a sociopathic adult in her 20s who pretended to be a child. Her parents claim that she tried to kill them. She denies it, just as she denies being an adult. The series will have eight episodes.

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