Fatigue detector identifies Chinese with their eyes closed and creates discomfort – 02/08/2022

Driver monitoring systems, which are used to gauge whether the person driving the car is distracted or falling asleep, are finding problems in China. With an apparent difficulty reading Asian faces and features, Xpeng-branded equipment has been criticized for confusing the natural face shape of Asian drivers with eyes completely closed.

One of the victims of the problem was blogger DerekTLM, who told his 300,000 followers that his Xpeng was judging him as distracted. To encourage good driving habits and prevent drivers from abusing autonomous driving technology, Xpeng gives 100 points – which are deducted for misdemeanors.

Every 12 months they are reset, however if the points drop to zero in this period, the driver must take a safety test to restore their 100 points. In DerekTLM’s case, he was unfairly losing his points. So he posted a photo, tagged the company and said, “I really have small eyes, I didn’t fall asleep while driving!”

“Let me repeat, my eyes are small, but I’m not sleeping at the wheel. Don’t we small-eyed people deserve to use the Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP)? If you guys don’t optimize this problem, that means those with small eyes don’t deserve to use NGP?”

Another blogger, Chang Yan, with 1.2 million followers, claimed he also had problems with the DMS technology incorrectly recording his alertness.

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