For 36 hours, dog stays next to man who fell 60 meters and gives alert for rescue

One dog stayed by her owner’s side 36 hours after they fell from a height of 60 meters in Lealholm (North Yorkshire, England) on Wednesday of last week (27/7).

In the fall, Martin Clarke, 76, suffered serious injury, but Suki remained in good condition. The dog didn’t leave Martin’s side, staying with him for more than a day.

It wasn’t until Suki saw Tom Wykes, 57, his wife Danielle, 53, and their children, that she went after help. The faithful dog managed to lead the group of walkers to the place where her tutor was.

“If it wasn’t for Suki, I don’t think he would have made it. She’s a smart and loyal dog. She’s reminiscent of Lassie.”, said Tom, according to “Sun”, referencing a famous collie on TV. Suki also has collie traits.

With the help of farmer Martin Ford, who used a chainsaw to cut his way through the woods, a rescue team was able to reach the spot where Martin was waiting for help from Cleveland Mountain Rescue, which documented the operation on Twitter.

Suki receives care after helping to rescue her tutor Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Man rescued in England after his dog 'asked' for rescue
Man is rescued in England after his dog ‘asks’ for rescue Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

The old man went through chest, back, shoulder, and leg surgery.

Martin Ford is taking care of Suki until her guardian recovers.

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