Giant of the sea! Fisherman catches fish weighing 80 kg and 1.75 m in length – News

A fish weighing 80 kg and 1.75 m in length was caught about 40 km off the coast of Point Lookout, Australia, on the outskirts of North Stradbroke Island.

The animal was identified as a grouper that inhabits ocean depths between 250 m and 600 m. According to the Daily Mail tabloid, the largest specimen of the species ever recorded was 100 kg and measured 2 m in length.

The publication did not reveal the name of the fisherman, but states that he shared images of the marine giant on social media, where netizens differed on the conquest.

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“A worthy catch, must have been a struggle to get on the boat,” one user speculated. “Please tell me it was released. It’s probably older than the fisherman and now it’s just a trophy”, lamented a second.

However, some commentators have tried to look at the situation from another perspective. According to them, the fisherman in question was not targeting the giant grouper, as he used a line for fish weighing up to 14 kg.

One of them also explained that returning the fish from great depths to the sea would have been a waste: “The rapid change in pressure causes the gases in the fish’s body to expand, which is deadly,” he explained.

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