Globo will show the film Catching Fire

Globo will exhibit at the Afternoon Session this Thursday (4th) the film Catching Fire. Released in 2015, the feature film stars Bradley Cooper; Sienna Miller; Daniel Bruhl and Emma Thompson. Directed by John Wells. The film airs after O Cravo e a Rosa, at 3:30 pm.

The film tells the story of Adam Jones who is a chef at a high-class Parisian restaurant owned by his mentor Jean-Luc, until his drug use and temperamental behavior destroyed his career and the restaurant. In the aftermath, Adam went into self-imposed exile in New Orleans, shelling a million oysters to sober up, planning to head to London to restart his career and try to earn a third Michelin star.

In London, Adam seeks out old colleagues, starting with his mentor’s former maître d’hôtel, Tony Balerdi, now hotel manager at The Langham Hotel in London, owned by the Balerdi family. Adam enters one of the rooms at the Langham and visits an old friend, Conti, and observes the talent of his sous chef Helene, but she doesn’t like his arrogance and dismisses him immediately. A colleague from Paris, Michel, whose restaurant Adam had sabotaged out of jealousy, tracks him down. After a brief fight, they talk and Michel forgives Adam and asks to work for him. Adam also visits a high-end restaurant run by Reece, with whom he has a long-standing rivalry, and the visit ends badly. Adam’s former drug dealer realizes he has returned to Europe and tries to collect Adam’s outstanding debt.

Adam convinces famous restaurant critic Simone to have dinner at Tony’s hotel. Tony realizes that Adam set this up and is reluctant to let him cook, but his kitchen is in such bad condition that it would result in Simone closing her restaurant. Seeing no other way, he allows Adam to cook. Simone’s favorable review convinces Tony to renovate the hotel’s kitchen and hire Adam as head chef permanently. He stipulates that Adam must undergo weekly drug tests with Tony’s psychiatrist, Dr. Rosshilde. Adam agrees to auditions, though he is not interested in therapy and throws himself into preparations for the grand opening. Another old friend, Max, joins Adam’s team after being released from prison. Helene rejects other job offers until Conti fires her and sends her to Adam’s kitchen. Helene is irate at being fired, but Adam convinces her to work for him by tripling her salary.

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