God of War: game wins beautiful ‘remake’ in Unreal 5 and bizarre verse on Xbox

As fans eagerly await the arrival of God of War: Ragnarok, others are declaring their love for the series by dedicating projects to impress the internet, such as the channel TeaserPlay, which has just shared a concept trailer for a remake of the original God of War by Unreal. Engine 5.

Taking advantage of the platform’s exclusive resources, such as Lumen and Naninte, the creator managed to model some very well-lit and detailed environments, in the mold of the charming Greek civilization, which would certainly impress in an official game. The Metahuman function was also used to create the faces of Kratos and Zeus, which makes a cameo in the 2.5 minute video.

Despite being closer to the games that popularized the series, the teaser also brings something of the tone of the last games, with the camera closer to the characters, highlighting the high level of detail. Only those who want to see the pirouettes and the destructive rage of the protagonist will be disappointed, who here wanders and talks more than anything else.

Sadly, though, if this opus springs from a love of the series, there’s another product online that looks like it was made by someone who doesn’t give a damn about the game and just wants to surf success — and fool some unsuspecting on the Xbox Store. What’s worse, the game is available for purchase under the strange (and grammatically incorrect) name of “War Gods Zeus of Child”.

In it, a half-assed model of Kratos, with a strange movement, is thrown into an arena with mutated brutes that look more like enemies from Resident Evil or the fungus zombies from The Last of Us.

Just for laughs, the character swings his ax awkwardly, while enemies are defeated with a breath, in addition to Kratos being unable to walk backwards (in which case, he moonwalks telepathically, it seems). Without purpose, the idea is to score as many points as possible.

The game is sold by £3.39 (about R$21) in an area of ​​the Xbox Store designed to sell games without the usual Microsoft certification and approval and without support for achievements. The same developer is also responsible for a cheesy copy of Fall Guys called Dinasaur Falling Survival, in which the player takes on a doll wearing a Yoshi outfit. Let Nintendo know about this.

And you, which version did you like more? Leave your comments!

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