Google starts merging Duo and Meet with update

Following what had been communicated in June, the video call service application Google Duo received an update that begins merging it with the meetearning the latter’s name and icon.

The action is part of Google’s plan to merge the two apps, which basically performed the same function. The idea is that Duo will absorb the functions of Meet and thus become the second. The original Meet app (whose icon and name was recently changed) still works, but will have to be deactivated over time, in order to focus on what was once Duo.

When opening the old Duo, a new notification appears at the top, which alerts users that they are receiving access to video calling and meeting functions. It is necessary, however, to sign in with a Google account; in the original Duo, just register with the phone number.

The website still works, but it is generating Meet links and the trend is that it will redirect to in the coming months. From Septemberwhen the transition of applications should be completed, when downloading Google Meet, the result will be the new app, resulting from the merger between the two.

If you’re still using the old Meet app, don’t worry, as it will still be available for some time. To be on the safe side when it is discontinued, it is recommended to download the new version of the app right away — at least until Google creates yet another video calling system.

The company seems to be worried about the mess it ended up causing with the profusion of calling apps it created. Hangouts, for example, is going through a similar process, absorbing functions and becoming Google Chat.

Google Duo app icon: Video calls

Google Meet app icon

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