“Have a try…”; Braz responds to Vasco fan about the sale of Arrascaeta and stirs Flamengo fans

During this week, one of the most talked about names in Brazilian football was Giorgian De Arrascaeta. But no wonder, once again the Uruguayan midfielder squandered his football at a time when Flamengo needed it most. With a goal and a great match, the player collaborated a lot so that Rubro-Negro can advance in the Libertadores.

However, it was a matter outside the pitch that fell like a ‘bomb’ in Flamengo’s fans. That’s because, a Vasco fan posted a request on his social media that said: “It’s not possible that you don’t have ONE European club to take Arrascaeta out of the evil team”said the netizen.

What really surprised the fans was the response of Marcos Braz, vice director of football at Flamengo, who saw the ‘tweet’ of the opposing fan and said: “Have a try, the fine is small“, joked the director. The interaction was enough to drive netizens crazy and even Arrascaeta himself joined the wave.

“Allah he”said the Uruguayan midfielder in a joking tone. “I’m glad I’m awake to see this live lol”, “I LOVE YOU BRAZ KAKAAKAKAKKAK“, “Live like this, Braz?”, said some of the netizens, who were shocked by the manager’s reaction to the Vasco fan’s comment.

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