“He will announce…”; Sensitive predicts the future of Neymar and Bruna Biancardi’s relationship and surprises with revelation

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The player and the influencer have been together since May this year

Photo: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Bruna Biancardi
Photo: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Bruna Biancardi

Despite recent rumors that Neymar would have ended up with Bruna Biancardi, the relationship between the two looks like it will bear much fruit. This is because, according to the seer Bianca Godóithe couple will soon make the union official.

And the sensitive’s prediction doesn’t stop there. According to her, the couple, who started dating in May this year, will still have a child together. It is worth remembering that Neymar is already the father of 10-year-old Davi Lucca: “Neymar will have a very good time for him to rebuild, renew himself and turn around in many controversial events. He will be a father again and to a girl.” said.

Then the sensitive revealed that the event is not far away: “He will announce the marriage and soon after the couple announces the pregnancy “, he added. However, Bianca Godói surprised and said that the player’s good phase will only be in his personal life.

Neymar has a very successful and joyful spirit, but he is very persecuted, mainly spiritually. In everything, he goes up to a certain point and even raises the victory pole, but a trip comes that knocks him down. Hexa does not come to Brazil, unfortunately”he said in an interview with Uol’s “Central Splash”.

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