Internet Explorer on Windows 11? Learn how to ‘resurrect’ the browser

Everyone knows that Internet Explorer is dead and buried, no longer supported by Microsoft, which bets its chips on Edge, even under the rule of Chrome, right? Well, death, especially in the world of technology, is something very relative and, just as there are no shortage of methods to revive programs and games that decades ago also found a way to revive IE within Windows 11 — which, at first, Microsoft had vetoed it anyway.

Well, now a user on Twitter showed that, even in August 2022, the browser is still working on the system. The discovery of XenoPanther was unfolded, in turn, in a tutorial by Tom Warren, from The Verge portal, which brought a step-by-step guide on how to revive the browser.

No need to simply search for Internet Explorer on the system, as when you try to do this you will be automatically directed to Edge. It is necessary to wander through the loopholes and remnants of the system that are still capable of recognizing the dead navigator at 26 years of age.

The process, however, is quite simple. just go on “Internet Options” in the Start menu, go to the Programs tab and select the Manage add-ons option. In the new window, just go to the footer and click on “Learn more about toolbars and extensions”.

This shortcut, which also works for Windows 10 and other earlier systems, seems to have been a shortcut forgotten by Microsoft, as it seems to bypass the command that would automatically take the user to Edge. Despite the curiosity, there is little reason to use the browser, which is already full of security holes, with various compatibility issues on newer web pages, etc. Anyway, even undead, some things are discontinued for a reason.

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