“It was my fault”; Gabriel Menino vents about ‘drama’ in Palmeiras and exposes decisive backstage for resumption

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Cria da Academia commented on the role of Abel Ferreira in leading his recovery in the cast of Palestra

Photo: Cesar Greco
Photo: Cesar Greco

Gabriel Menino’s trajectory at Palestra so far is marked by three stages: the surprising and promising arrival in the professional squad of Alviverde, the worrying drop in performance and the current moment, which rekindles the quality of Cria and makes it resume the good performances and puts him on his way to becoming one of the protagonists of the cast of palm trees.

This Wednesday (3), the midfielder gave an interview to the Nosso Palestra portal and discussed his mission to recover space in Verdão and vented about the difficult moments: “Things happened very fast. At 21, it’s hard to assimilate everything I was experiencing. So it was a moment where I blurred and wasn’t prioritizing what mattered, letting outside things in. I made a mistake and it was my fault, but football is like that. I started to trust myself more. Abel, the players, the coaching staff, my team, they all trusted me a lot. Phases pass and work no one can take away from you. For a moment I stopped doing that, but now I’ve got my head straight.”

Menino points out the coach Abel Ferreira as the great ‘Master’ in the management of his recovery: “I am impressed with Abel every day, he is a very intelligent guy. I have a lot of respect, I really like his wisdom and how he handles situations. I think he helps me a lot. (During the leave period) he talked a lot with me, even gave me tips and advice about his career and private life. I feel like he only wants the best for me,” he declared.

The interview also had Gabriel Menino’s outburst about the worst moment he went through in his decline at Palmeiras, when he was cut from the 2022 World Cup. very upset to end up getting cut after everything I had built, but that’s part of it. Palmeiras and Abel had to make that decision to choose who was better. I took it easy, I was professional and I supported the club all the time. I was there with them, supporting and training. It was my most difficult phase in football,” he said.

The midfielder has been in the main team for three seasons. verdão and was fired in 121 matches. In all, he scored eight goals and provided 11 assists. However, in the current season, marked by oscillation and loss of space, the shirt 25 played 26 games, scored two goals and was the author of an assist.

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