It’s #FAKE print in which Lula talks about attacking evangelical churches, passing pro-abortion laws and gender ideology | Fact or Fake

“We have to face this growth of evangelical churches that insist on entering politics, everyone knows that churches should not get involved in politics, we are going to increase the tax on churches making their existence unfeasible. We are also going to pass laws in favor of abortion, in favor of of gender ideology in schools, children have to be what they want, if the boy wants to wear a dress or the girl wants to wear boy clothes, it is not the country that should get in the way of this desire of children.”

The ex-president’s advice says that there was never such a post and that the image is false. “The ex-president never said, posted or thought that. On the contrary, when he was president, he sanctioned the Religious Freedom Law. promote itself through lies”, he says, in a note.

A search for the words mentioned in the former president’s verified social media profiles shows that the posts do not exist.

Such a bombastic statement would not go unreported by the professional media, but a search for the content in the main search engines reveals that the expression was not published in any of these vehicles.

O Fato ou Fake has already denied other false messages that seek to put Lula in confrontation with evangelicals. Look:

For these scholars, being a man or a woman does not depend only on genitalia or chromosomes, but on cultural and behavioral patterns. Such patterns, according to the theorists of the area, are acquired in life in society. Conservative groups, on the other hand, believe that the conclusions of these studies on gender have not been validated by the exact and biological sciences.

Guardian of the Constitution, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) has declared several times unconstitutional laws that sought to prohibit what they called “gender ideology”.

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