It’s Not Just First Death: 5 Unforgivable Netflix Cancellations

First Kill, the most recent canceled by streaming, is far from the first series that made fans suffer.

In recent years, Netflix has gained a bad reputation for canceling very good series, leaving loose ends, without conclusive endings. This causes frustration to the viewer who is afraid to get attached to some story produced by the studio.

The most recent loss was that of First Death, a supernatural series with an interracial lesbian couple, which has won many fans and is now gone with just one season. Check out some other impossible-to-forget cancellations!

The OA

Forerunner of painful cancellations, The OA began airing in 2016 and went almost three years without an update, receiving a second season in 2019. And that’s when its story ended for good, being canceled in the same year – with a very open ending. This, of course, generated international commotion among fans of the series.

In the plot, Prairie Johnson is a blind girl who disappears. Seven years later, she returns, with perfect eyesight. The young woman tries to explain to her parents what happened during her absence. To everyone’s surprise, she says that she was never really gone, but was on another plane of existence, in an invisible place.

Julie and the Phantoms

Based on the Brazilian production Julie and the Ghosts, Julie and the Phantoms premiered on Netflix in September 2020 to tell the story of the teenager who gives the series its name. Rediscovering her passion for music, Julie, played by young actress Madison Reyes, has a trio of musicians who died more than 20 years ago without ever being able to fulfill their great dream of having a successful career. In late 2021, the series was canceled, leaving a nation of fans widowed.

Santa Clarita Diet

One of Netflix’s saddest losses was one of the funniest series in recent times. Starring comedy names such as Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson and Skyler Gisondo, Santa Clarita Diet tells the story of a realtor who turns into a zombie, but is still alive, and needs to eat meat.

Trying not to eat good human beings, he does his best to taste only bad people. Her family, always united, helps her in this mission. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after three seasons, with an outcome that would open the door to incredible new stories.

Altered Carbon

Some say that Altered Carbon seems to throw the most used cyberpunk clichés into a pot and then stir it twice with little motivation. But, that’s unfair, because the dystopian tale about a world where human consciousness is stored in chips was one of the strongest sci-fi series ever aired on Netflix.

It is worth mentioning that this chip can be transferred from one body to another, making the rich prosper over the centuries they live. Interesting, but it was canceled in August 2020 after two seasons.


Telepathic orgy, lobotomy and protagonists from each country… How can we not talk about Sense8 when we remember sad cancellations? The series was canceled in two seasons, but, unlike the ones mentioned above, it concluded in a two-hour episode. After all, after the commotion of the Brazilian public, that was the least they could do.

In the series, eight people from different countries are connected from birth and are able to see, hear and enter each other’s minds. When they start being hunted, they must unite, facing geographical barriers and the impossible to stay alive.

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