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Almost a month after leaving América-MG, Jailson’s decision to terminate his contract in advance continues to generate repercussions.

after having talked about relationship problems involving a fellow club member, the ge was behind the origin of the disagreement between him and his former competitor for the position, Matheus Cavichioli.

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The 41-year-old goalkeeper decided to end his contract with América-MG in early July, after being dissatisfied with Cavichioli’s return to the starting lineup. The rift between them, however, came from more time.

It all started in 2017, when Jailson (then at Palmeiras) was managed by Marcelo Zanotti, who also had a partnership with the staff responsible for Cavichioli’s career. According to sources heard by the ge, Cavichioli was uncomfortable with the relationship between Zanotti and his partner in position, feeling that Jailson was privileged. Zanotti worked with the current American titleholder until May 2020. The report sought out the businessman, but has not yet had a response.

In an interview with ge palm treeswithout naming Cacvichioli, Jailson talked about a castmate who was jealous of him (listen below).

– Turns out there was a very jealous guy. A very victorious guy arrived, and he was pouting, a guy who was a hit and miss in the press. A guy who, these days, weighing 130 kg, doesn’t take care of himself, and I’m a guy who takes care of myself a lot, at 41 years old.

Jailson; América-MG — Photo: Mourão Panda / América-MG

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Due to the history of friction, Jailson only accepted the proposal to arrive at América-MG at the beginning of the year, because Cavichioli was not able to play. The former owner had undergone heart surgery. However, in June, Cavichioli returned to start, in the match against Flamengo, for the Brasileirão.

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The change came after Jailson felt pain in his thigh, and then had tonsillitis. Dissatisfied with the reserve condition, he even demanded the América-MG board to break Cavichioli’s contract. As it was not done, Jailson chose to leave the club.

To gethe club informed, through the advisory, that at no time was there a demand from Jailson and guaranteed that the board never considered breaking the contract with Cavichioli.

See Jailson's defenses by América-MG

See Jailson’s defenses by América-MG

Also to the report, Léo Feijó, current manager of Matheus Cavichioli, chose not to comment on the matter and also said that the goalkeeper intends to play in América-MG until the end of his career. The player, in an interview with Canal Decadentes, also preferred to end the controversy.

– My answer is work, it’s training. I have no reason to counter criticism, with words, some sort of accusation, or anything. I have a closed commitment to something much bigger, which is America. My commitment is to America.

Cavichioli during América-MG x Palmeiras — Photo: Fernando Torres/Agif

On the podcast, Jailson admitted that his departure was deliberate. He said he had already signaled to the board that he could leave, a few times.

“I didn’t leave without thinking. I warned him once, twice, three times: ‘if the things that are happening happen, I’ll get my things and leave’.

See Matheus Cavichioli's defenses for América-MG in 2022

See Matheus Cavichioli’s defenses for América-MG in 2022

Also in July in an interview with ge, Vagner Mancini spoke about the competitors’ relationship. The coach said that they are very “competitive” athletes and explained why he left Jaílson on the bench.

“We’re talking about two athletes of equal temperaments and personalities. Two extremely competitive athletes.”

– There were 12 inactive days and two training days. For consistency, I could not return Jailson to the goal. He wasn’t technically and physically ready to go into the goal. And I would be setting a precedent of inconsistency in the group, which I don’t do. When I played Matheus (against Goiás), Jailson called me. It was me, him and Fred (soccer director), and he expressed an interest in staying out of the match.

Become a member Onda Verde – América-MG — Photo: Disclosure

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