Johnny Depp wanted to expose Amber Heard’s private parts for everyone to see during trial

Documents related to the process involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard came to light recently and brought a lot of new information that hadn’t been released yet.

One of them is the fact that the actor tried to use nudes of his ex-wife during the trial in order to embarrass her in court, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

The documents released by the authorities involved in the lawsuit detailed some of the evidence that the two parties intended to use, but were ultimately vetoed.

In one excerpt, a list of personal evidence is cited that was deemed irrelevant by the authorities, but would have been presented by Depp if he had received authorization.

In the list, things like nude photos of Amber Heard and mentions of the period when she worked as an exotic dancer stood out, when the two had not yet met.

Johnny Depp on trial in the US
Johnny Depp on trial in the United States (Reproduction)

Loss of millionaire values

Another complaint from Heard’s lawyers concerns the millionaire amounts she allegedly failed to earn because of the defamation allegations he made against her.

They claimed that she was a rising star, on par with Gal Gadot, Ana de Armas, Zendaya, Jason Momoa and Chris Pine at the time, and that she could have gone much further in her career if Depp hadn’t accused her.

Losses as a result, according to lawyers, were at least $47 million to $50 million.

They also claimed that Heard would be entitled to half the amount Depp received for doing it. pirates of the caribbean 5but ended up giving up the money in the divorce process.

At the time, the actress stated that their fight was not about money.

So far, none of the parties has commented on the disclosure of the documents in the international press.

Recently, Amber Heard made the decision to sell one of her homes in California, with everything inside, in order to try to scrape together the amount she needs to pay off the debt she acquired with her ex-husband.

It is worth remembering that Heard was ordered by the US court to pay $10.35 million for her domestic violence allegations against her ex-husband, while Depp will have to pay her $2 million.

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