London hosts first conference on sustainable fashion aimed at Generation Z

Engaging Generation Z and the fashion industry to promote sustainability is the main objective of the sustainable fashion conference “Conference of the People”. Organized by PUMA and presented by actress, model and activist Cara Delevingne, the initiative will take place next month, on September 6th.

The event aims to create an environment conducive to the discussion of solutions by partners, activists, non-governmental organizations, experts, ambassadors and consumers to the most pressing sustainability challenges in this industry. At the same time, the objective is also to give a voice to the younger generations around the world in the debate on these matters.

From London, and broadcast live worldwide, free of charge, the “Conference of the People” will give stage to the generation of young people and young adults born between 1990 and early 2010, so that those most affected by the today’s climate policies may have some influence on the decision-making process.

We will focus on Gen Z during this event because we want to give a voice to the youngest to influence today’s decisions to shape a more sustainable future.“, explains Bjørn Gulden, CEO of PUMA. “At the United Nations they call it ‘Conference of the Parties’, we call it ‘Conference of the People’“.

Although it has not yet been revealed, the brand advances that the panel will be composed of some of the “most prominent” figures in terms of sustainable fashion and personalities widely recognized by international public opinion. Topics include fighting waste, using more sustainable materials, the impact of climate change and identifying collaborative strategies that enable the industry to achieve faster results.

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