Main 5G band is activated in São Paulo and should cover 25% of the urban area; ‘pure’ connection still in its infancy in the world | Technology

antennas of 5G main band will be activated this Thursday (4th) in São Paulo, the largest smartphone market in Brazil and the fifth capital to receive the technology in the country.

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What’s new and where is 5G standing?

Activated this Thursday, the 3.5 GHz band is considered the main “avenue” for data circulation in the new generation of mobile internet because it the “purest” 5Gcalled “standalone” (self-sufficient in English) or SA.

It is he who carries the fame of this fifth generation of mobile internet, for allowing advances in technologies such as virtual reality, cars that drive alone, remote surgeries, in addition to the possibility of connecting many objects to the internet at the same time, in a massive and constant way.

But all this is still far from happening.understand why:

  • from start, 5G coverage will not be complete in cities where it is activated: in São Paulofor example it will be 25% of the urban area, in the forecast of the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Solutions for Interference Problems on the lane (Gaispi). The capital of São Paulo has 1,378 5G antennas installed so far against 4,592 for 4G;
  • the “standalone”/SA connection will still be secondary in Brazil and abroad for some time. According to data from the GSMA, which represents mobile operators around the world, 70 countries offered 5G internet in January this year, but only 16 had the SA type.

Who dominates in the world is still the 5G NSA. Or “non-standalone”. It caters to those who hope to gain more speed in navigation, but still do not promote the expected revolution.

Had 5G already appeared for you?

It is the 5G NSA that has been appearing on the screen of cell phones at some points in Brazil in recent months (see 5G internet types).

With the activation of the 3.5 GHz band, the NSA will have to expand its coverage because it will also be able to use this “avenue”: until then, it was available in some points of cities, such as São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, in another bandthe 2.3 GHz one, which is more “narrow”.

Standalone or not, 5G is still in its early days. In addition to having partial coverage, it requires compatible cell phones and, according to some operators, even chip exchange. And the deadline for the connection to be available in all Brazilian municipalities with more than 30 thousand inhabitants is only in 2029.

See below, in 3 questions, in what the arrival of 5G changes your life now (or not):

G1 Explains: The 5G Revolution

G1 Explains: The 5G Revolution

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