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Animation is now available in theaters across Brazil.

Minions 2: The Origin of Gru arrives in theaters after a long wait, as the previous plot was released in 2017. Continuing the plots that present the youth of one of the most beloved villains in cinema, the animation arrives with the freshness of a soundtrack made exclusively for the project and some more incisive flirtations with fantasy.

Leandro Hassum is back in the voice of Gru, but this time he embodies the character at the age of 11, something that needed a different technique to be reproduced. In an interview with I love cinemathe actor praised the national dubbing industry and also highlighted how working with Universal Pictures and Illumination makes the process personalized to the Brazilian viewer.

Minions 2: “I was a child villain!”, reveals Leandro Hassum, who returns to voice Gru (Exclusive Interview)

“An example I always use is something very common in the United States: “Oh my god!”. That’s very normal, but if you say, “Oh, my God!”, it sounds a bit awkward, we don’t talk like that. So I always switch to a “Wow! Wow!” [nessas ocasiões]. These are the adaptations, the type of adaptation that we make”, he explains about the change of expressions in the act of dubbing.

He continues: “We find these adaptations that are very familiar to our ear and that make us [pareça] that ‘it’s this guy who’s talking, he doesn’t have another voice, it’s not dubbed, it’s this guy’. In this place, we have to give a standing ovation to the people who do dubbing in Brazil, who direct dubbing in Brazil, they really are superstars!”

Hassum also thanks the studio and team involved in the franchise. “Delarte is brilliant in the dubbing that it does, so much so that we have the best. The Manolo [Rey]who is dubbing director for Minions and the other films [da franquia] Despicable Me is the voice of Spider-Man [de Tobey Maguire]. As well as Guilherme Briggs, who directed the first one, voices Jim Carrey, from Cosmo from The Magic Godfathers. They are very strong voices, so they are guys who understand a lot.”

What is the story of Minions 2: Origin of Gru?

In the 1970s, long before he became the master of evil, Gru is just an 11-year-old boy, living in a suburb and planning to take over the world from his basement, without much success so far. When Gru crosses paths with the Minions, including Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto – a new Minion with braces and a desperate need to please, they form an unlikely family. Together, they build their first hideout, design their first weapons, and join forces to carry out their first missions.

When the infamous supergroup of villains, the Sinister Six, ousts their leader – legendary martial arts fighter Wild Knuckles – their most devoted fan, Gru, decides to interview for the job. The group doesn’t wind up the diminutive would-be villain, but Gru tricks (and infuriates) them, suddenly becoming the mortal enemy of the greatest gang of evil. With the little villain in jeopardy, the Minions try to master the art of kung fu to help save him, and Gru discovers that even bad guys need a little help from their friends.

Does Minions 2 – Origin of Gru have post-credits scenes? See duration of the movie that just premiered

Minions 2: Rise of Gru is now showing in theaters.

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