Model Emily Ratajkowski separates after four years of marriage

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski’s four-year relationship has come to an end, sources claim cheating was the reason. How does a relationship get to this point?

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski’s four-year relationship has come to an end. The decision came after allegations that actor and producer Sebastian Bear McClard was unfaithful.

According to a source at Page Six this was the main reason for the separation. “Yes, he was unfaithful. He is a serial traitor. He is disgusting,” he said.

What you need to understand:

  • Betrayal does not happen at the moment of the act. Renato Cardoso, co-author of the book Casamento Blindado, explains that it starts when a person loses sight of the goals of marriage. “It was something that started with the first decision to look at someone with interest. Thus, that look was already a deviation from the path that sought the goals of his marriage. I mean, lost focus. Persistence in this direction will inevitably lead to bankruptcy of that marriage.”
  • For him, one of the first signs that the relationship is heading towards divorce is when one disconnects from the other. “They no longer care about what the other does or where they go. They live indifferent to each other. This is how love cools down,” he says.

What to do:

  • To move away from coldness and disinterest, the relationship needs constant investment. Renato suggests that the tool of showing appreciation is very useful at this point, even through simple attitudes.
  • “Many married couples are tempted to have an extramarital relationship simply because they find someone who appreciates them more than their spouse. When you notice your partner distant or feel that way yourself, you need to consciously make an effort to show your consideration. For example, cook something he likes, wait for him to shower and perfume. Find out how she is, call her during the day, notice her new clothes, go out to do something she likes”, he guides.
  • He adds that even after years of indifference it is possible to reverse this situation. “Just want. Do you remember the little things you used to do when you were dating and at the beginning of your marriage? The care they had for each other? That’s what you’ll have to redeem. I repeat the phrase you find many times in this book (because it cannot be forgotten): happy marriage takes work. To this day I have to invest in my marriage. It is ongoing and rewarding work. A phrase I like couples to record is: What does my spouse need from me right now? Ask yourself: ‘What can I do for him/her?’”.


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