Model reveals on social network that she was raped by Bruno Krupp | Rio de Janeiro

The model Priscila Trindade decided to use her Instagram profile to report that she was raped by model and digital influencer Bruno Krupp.

According to her, the case happened six years agothey stayed at the time, but after the abuse, she was discouraged from revealing the affair.

“What happened to me was many years ago, at the time I met him… I met him in a circle of friends, we flirted and after some flirting I accepted to go to his house in Niterói to go to a party,” she said. , adding that he decided to sleep at Bruno’s house, as he lived in Rio.

Krupp would have left Priscilla at his house and returned to the party, only returning definitively later. “He arrived drunk at 6am and took me by force. I told him several times to stop and he literally forced me. He REALLY forced it. After much reluctance, I gave in and it was horrible. It was very embarrassing because if I screamed I would wake up the whole house and I didn’t have the courage to do anything more drastic. In the middle of the situation, he took his cell phone and even tried to record me without clothes on his bed. I was upset, but he said so much stupid stuff that I just thought about leaving,” he narrated in a series of stories.

Priscila Trindade’s report in a series of stories — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

She also said that at the time, she did not feel comfortable reporting it because she felt judged for having stayed with Bruno Krupp.

Priscila posted a photo of the day of the party that later resulted in abuse — Photo: Reproduction

Report by Priscila Trindade — Photo: Reproduction

Following, Priscila recalled a case of rape allegedly committed by the model and registered at the Women’s Police Station, in Jacarepaguá, in the West Zone of Rio. Bruno denies involvement in the case.

She asked other possible victims to tell their stories and posted some similar reports, without identifying the girls, which she would have received through her social networks. All talking about possible abuses carried out by the model and digital influencer.

Some of the reports received by Priscila on her social networks — Photo: Reproduction

g1 tried to contact Priscila Trindade, but got no response.

The site also contacted the Civil police to find out if there is an investigation for the alleged new cases published on social networks or only if the victims are going to register the case at a police station, but until this publication, the police had not responded.

The g1 also sought out lawyer William Pena, who represents Bruno Krupp in the traffic accident in which he ran over and killed a teenager.

The lawyer said he became aware of the reports on Instagram, but that he sees them opportunistically.

“I can only think that this is an occasional opportunism. Supposed situations that happened years ago, that were not reported to the police authority and that come to light now? When Bruno is going through an unfortunate situation like that of being involved in a accident that killed a person?”, said the lawyer.

Bruno Krupp — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

Bruno Fernandes Moreira Krupp, 25 years old, is known for his work as a model and digital influencer. On Saturday (30), he was involved in a traffic accident with his motorcycle, with which he ran over and killed a 16-year-old in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio.

According to witnesses, Bruno is famous for driving through the streets of the neighborhood with the vehicle at high speed. On the day of the accident, he and his family estimated that he would be above 100km/h, when the speed allowed on the road is 60km/h.

Bruno’s lawyer, William Pena, said that his client was reckless, but that he reports a failure in the vehicle’s brakes, which prevented him from hitting João Gabriel Cardim Guimarães, who had his leg torn off by the impact of the motorcycle and died later in the hospital.

William Pena, lawyer for Bruno Krupp — Photo: Alba Valéria Mendonça/g1 Rio

Bruno Krupp is also investigated by the police on charges of embezzlement and rape.

The accusation of rape was registered at the Jacarepaguá Women’s Service Station (Deam). In testimony, a woman reported that she went to Bruno Krupp’s apartment and that he had raped her. In the report, she says that she asked Bruno to stop, without being answered. He denies.

The accusation of embezzlement was registered in the 15th DP (Gávea). In 2021, a hotel manager in the South Zone said that a customer’s card had been refused, and the same happened to several other customers.

When talking to the person whose card was refused, the woman reported that they all said that Bruno Krupp had offered daily rates at the hotel at lower prices than on the establishment’s website, and that in order to obtain accommodation at cheaper prices, customers had to make a payment in an account in someone else’s name.

The fraud, according to the manager, was estimated at R$ 428 thousand. Krupp reportedly left the hotel before the establishment was able to challenge the cards.

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