Next completes its first acquisition and Pix arrives at nextShop in late August

Next has just completed the acquisition of Aarin, techfin that will expand the bank’s structure in Pix, cashback and other services

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Next concluded, last Friday, the 29th, the process of acquiring Aarin – a financial technology startup (techfin) for e-commerce focused on embedded finance (the future of banking as a service – BaaS). From now on, next is the majority partner of Aarin, which will continue to operate independently from its headquarters.

As the first result of the acquisition, nextShop – next’s marketplace – will gradually offer Pix to the customer base by the end of August as a payment option for customers. Other payment possibilities are planned for the coming months, aiming to further improve the shopping experience.

Next and Aarin

nextShop will also leverage Aarin’s infrastructure to diversify cashback options and create personalized promotions based on engagement and customer journey analysis.

Another strategic front for Aarin along with next is that of MEI and PJ clients. Aarin’s offer of Pix receiving solutions will be of great importance to accelerate next’s presence in this segment.

“We are very proud to conclude the process of this acquisition – the first for next”, says Renato Ejnisman, CEO of next. “Innovation is one of the pillars of next and Aarin. As we have an appetite to innovate, we will explore several possibilities that make the customer experience even more fantastic.”

“Having next as the majority partner of our company is the biggest step we have taken so far in pursuit of our most audacious goal, which is to be a global financial engine embedded (“embedded”) in the experiences of different types of users”, celebrates Ticiana Amorim, CEO of Aarin.

about next

Next is more than a digital bank. It is a digital platform for financial and non-financial solutions that aims to be with people in different day-to-day situations and support them in planning for the future. With an intuitive interface, created with a lightweight design, next communicates with the customer in a clear and transparent way, and invests heavily in data analysis to understand customer journeys and serve them in a unique way.

Financial education is present throughout the next universe: in the app, in the content channels, in the nextJoy children’s account, in social inclusion projects and wherever else the customer asks. This way of acting has a single purpose: to connect people and dreams for a more prosperous world.

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