Now you can have a desktop and an aquarium in the same place

You no longer need a DIY to have an aquarium cabinet

THE MetalFisha Chinese manufacturer of cases and hardware, launched a cabinet micro ATX very peculiar: the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis. The name in English makes everything very clear, it’s a cabinet with aquarium — a great option for you who always dreamed (?) of having an aquarium right above yours PC with cheap parts.

Y2 Fish Tank — cabinet and aquarium without “Do It Yourself”

YouTube has already suggested many unexpected videos to me. O Y2 Fish Tank it’s the union of Leon the Lobster videos with the terrarium desk — but without the DIY part and with the aquarium instead of the terrarium, obviously.

who is it for aquaristO Y2 Fish Tank is the best option to have a aquarium next to the cabinet without having to go through the trouble of building the entire structure. Product measurements are 370mm x 250mm x 290mm. Doing the calculations, we have an approximate value of 27 liters of capacity, half of which, almost 13 liters, is for the aquarium.

Credits: Disclosure/MetalFish.

Y2 Fish Tank General Specifications

O aquarium cabinet has a filter (for fish) connected via USB. Still in the aquarium part, there is an LED light above the tank — according to the MetalFish, helps in the health of fish and plants. The lights RGB of the cabinet are not synchronized with the LED. And there is no cover for the aquarium. Is it safe for PC components?

O Y2 Fish Tank supports Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, with support for a video card up to 220 mm in length. The storage option should not be larger than a 2.5-inch hard drive. For cooling, there is room for a CPU cooler of up to 90 mm with two more fans integrated into the case. Liquid cooling? Only if the tank leaks.

Interested? THE MetalFish has an official store on AliExpress, but the Y2 Fish Tank is not available on the marketplace. On the company’s official website, it costs $75.

Now it’s up to you in the comments: which processor or graphics card would cook the fish in the aquarium? And don’t forget to be respectful!

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