OK, Google! Google Assistant Commands You Should Know Now!

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Google Assistant is one of several tools offered by the largest search engine on the Internet. This is a feature planned for Android and iOS smartphones, which aims to facilitate numerous everyday tasks. To use it is simple, just get the application installed on your cell phone, and start the command with an “Ok Google” followed by your question.

However, there are numerous unknown Google Assistant commands. To learn more, check out the full article and start using everything Google Assistant offers.

Google Assistant commands you need to know

In countless everyday situations, being able to solve problems with the help of voice commands, instead of having to type all the steps, makes a big difference in agility. It is precisely in this scenario that the Google Assistant becomes even more relevant.

However, few people are aware of the endless list of situations in which the Google Assistant can be useful. That’s why we’ve made a selection list so that you are aware of what you can enjoy.

Through the voice command of the Google assistant it is possible to set alarms

Only by your voice command it is possible to program an alarm for your cell phone. Just activate Assistant by saying “OK Google” and use a command like “set alarm for 6 o’clock”.

This will be very useful for situations where your hand is dirty, for example when cooking, as this will enable you to activate a timer to prevent your food from burning.

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supermarket list

You can also create a shopping list on Google Assistant. To do this, just activate it and ask him to add a certain product to his shopping list. Once this is done, when you arrive at the supermarket, you will only need to say “show me my shopping list” and you will have everything written down.

Finding songs or series is easy through Google Assistant voice command

One of the many powers of Google Assistant is its communication with Spotify. Thus, it is possible to ask to play a certain song, or artist. Suffice it to say, after the ‘OK Google’, something like “play this song on Spotify”. The same will happen to search for movies and series on Netflix.

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Send Message

This one is a golden tip. You can send a message via Whatsapp without even picking up your cell phone. This is a great option for when you are driving, when using the device is prohibited (learn more about the consequences of driving using your cell phone).

To do this, just activate the assistant with the command “Ok, Google” or by activating it using the cell phone keys. Then you should say something like “Send message to Vanessa”. The wizard will ask for the message and at this point you will dictate what you want to be written. Finally, you will be asked to confirm sending the message.

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