Olga Kurylenko stands out as a forensic scientist

“Desaparecidos” is starring the Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko (Photo: Disclosure).

Film adaptation of “The Killing Room” (1997), by Peter May, “Desaparecidos” (Vanishing – 2021, France) arrives on the Brazilian commercial circuit this Thursday (04) addressing a macabre plot, set in Seoul (South Korea). ).

Directed by Denis Dercourt, the feature tells the story of Alice Launey (Olga Kurylenko), a renowned French forensic scientist who arrives in the South Korean capital for a series of lectures, being invited to help solve a crime that has long intrigued people. local authorities. Working directly with detective Jin-ho Park (Yoo Yeon-Seok), Alice ends up discovering the existence of a criminal network specializing in organ trafficking, and needs to race against time to prevent more people from being victimized.

“Desaparecidos” is the film adaptation of “The Killing Room”, by Peter May (Photo: Disclosure).

Trying to build a consistent atmosphere of suspense, having as a foundation the photography of Axel Cosnefroy, who does not skimp on dark tones to convey the feeling of suffocation in a gloomy environment, “Desaparecidos” loses power as it develops extremely slowly. This ends up making the plot somewhat predictable as new clues emerge, especially regarding the surgeon responsible for executing the crimes.

Wasting the talent of Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko, who does her best to explore the pain of a professional tormented by the ghost of the past, the feature draws attention for the almost robotic interpretations of the supporting actors, especially those who live the members of the gang, caricatures to the extreme. As a result, the film loses in terms of veracity, as such performances compromise its result.

Starting from an interesting premise, “Disappeared” misses the opportunity to be a good film due to the faulty conduct of Dercourt, who also signed the script alongside Marion Doussot. There is much to be explored in order to make the plot believable, but the option was to remain on the surface, including with regard to the protagonist’s pain, something inconsistent with the police, drama and suspense genres.

Watch the official trailer with subtitles:

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