Only 3 actors from the original cast remain in the series

Grey’s Anatomy became one of the longest-running series on American television and is heading towards its 19th season. However, a lot has changed since the plot revealed its first group of inmates.

In 18 years, the plot revamped its famous Seattle Grace Hospitalwhich is now called Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, and has seen several of its doctors leave their residency program.

Characters from the first seasons like Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), Christina yang (Sandra Oh) and callie towers (Sara Ramírez) long ago left Seattle and are no longer part of the plot.

The series’ casting changes were so dramatic that, aside from Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), only two other original actors remained on the series. Know who they are.

Chandra Wilson

Bailey Miranda (Chandra Wilson) in Grey's Anatomy (Reproduction)
Bailey Miranda (Chandra Wilson) in Grey’s Anatomy (Reproduction)

Playing Miranda Bailey, one of the series’ best-known characters, Chandra Wilson stars in the regular cast of Grey’s Anatomy since the first episode of the series.

Wilson’s character was the first resident revealed by the plot and became the Chief Surgeon at Gray Sloan. During the 18 seasons of the plot, the character has lived through several dramas, including a divorce, and is now dealing with the biggest crisis in the entire history of Gray Sloan.

James Pickens Jr.

Richard Webber - James Pickens Jr.

Pickens Jr. plays Doctor Richard Webber, one of the most important characters in the hospital and Meredith’s plot, as Richard indirectly contributed to some of the character’s trauma.

During the 400 episodes of Grey’s AnatomyRichard went through several ups and downs, revealed an addiction, left his position as Chief Surgeon and was even fired by Miranda.

Currently, Richard is one of the heads of the Catherine Fox Foundation and, after another major turnaround, oversees the work of Miranda Bailey.

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray in Grey's Anatomy

Series star Ellen Pompeo plays Meredith Grey, the protagonist of the plot that gave her name to the series. After 18 years, Meredith followed in her mother’s footsteps and became one of the most important surgeons in the country.

the fans of Grey’s Anatomyhowever, are worried about the future of Ellen Pompeo in the series that, according to several rumors, may leave the plot after her 19th season.

Currently, it is possible to find the first 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Star+ and also on Globoplay.

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