“Permanence is still unlikely”; Diego Ribas is not the only one and Dorival’s holder can leave Flamengo


Even gaining morale with the arrival of the current coach, it can change airs, even more so with reinforcements arriving at the Most Beloved

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF - Diego should not stay at Flamengo either.
Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF – Diego should not stay at Flamengo either.

O Flamengo is going through a great phase of the season, improving his performance a lot and going back to directly dreaming of titles, being considered one of the favorites, even more so after high-level performances. The team led by Dorival Júnior is still packed in the Brazilian Championship, in addition to real chances in the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores.

After “passing the tractor” at Corinthians, winning by 2 to 0 inside the Neo Química Arena, Mengão doesn’t want to let the shuttlecock fall and keep maintaining the high performance. The board is also working behind the scenes and promises to announce even more reinforcementsprecisely to raise the level and give more quality options to the coaching staff.

Although, just as athletes are arriving, others may end up leaving. At the end of that year, Diego Ribas is one of the ones that shouldn’t stay, something that has already been accepted by most Flamengo fans, since shirt 10 is getting more and more out of space. Anyway, in addition to the medallion, there is another piece, which has been the titleholder, and may say goodbye soon.

As published by the portal “Extra”, with the arrival of Guillermo Varela, Rodinei should follow the same path. Right now, permanence is still unlikelyeven more because he knows the good moment of his career, that is, he should take advantage of the appreciation to get interested in his hiring for 2023 in Brazilian football itself, or abroad.

Starter in 8 games with Dorival, the defender knows that the end of the passage is not yet taken for granted, but the exit is seen as the end of the cyclea vision shared even by shirt 22, who started at the club in 2016 and recently returned from loan: “I’m living a special moment, the result of a lot of work. Diego and I are two of the oldest in the squad. You have to keep working. A lot comes out that Flamengo doesn’t renew. I keep working. Contract issue is resolved by my manager. I’ll live one day at a time and work for titleshe said, after the victory over Corinthians.

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