Pope Francis congratulates Jesuit James Martin’s “LGBTQ” ministry

NEW YORK, 03 Aug. 22 / 11:58 am (ACI).- Pope Francis congratulated the pro-homosexual ministry of American priest James Martin, a Jesuit like himself. Martin has a ministry called outreach (Reach) who held an event held on June 24th and 25th in New York, USA.

In a letter dated July 20, released yesterday (2) by Father James Martin, Francis thanks him for a letter sent “a few weeks ago together with the pamphlet Outreach2022”.

“Congratulations on being able to hold the event in person this year,” Francisco said.

The pope told Martin that “the most valuable is not what appears in the leaflets and photos, but what happened in the interpersonal encounters.”

“In fact, the pandemic made us look for alternatives to shorten distances. It also taught us that there are things that are irreplaceable, among them being able to look at each other ‘face to face’ even with those who think differently or with whom differences seem to separate and even confront us”.

Francis told Martin that “when we overcome these barriers, we realize that it is more what unites us than what distances us.”

At the end of the letter, Pope Francis urged the ministry of the American Jesuit “to continue working in the culture of encounter, which shortens distances and enriches us with differences, just as Jesus did, who became close to everyone”.

“I assure you of my prayers. Don’t stop praying for me. May Jesus bless you and the Blessed Virgin take care of you,” she concluded.

Martin expressed his joy at sharing Pope Francis’ letter and said “we are grateful to the Holy Father for his support and his prayers.”

A “New Catholic LGBTQ Resource”

on your website, outreach bills itself as a “new LGBTQ Catholic resource” that offers “news, resources and community for LGBTQ Catholics, their families and friends, and those who serve them in the Catholic Church around the world.” LGBTQ is the acronym used by gender ideology to identify lesbian, gay, transgender, which are people who identify with the opposite sex of their own, and queer, which are people who do not identify with their natural sex or any of the other genders. previous categories.

“Through our website and conferences, we also seek to introduce people, parishes, schools and other Catholic ministries and organizations that offer inspiring stories and provide a home for LGBTQ people,” he says. outreach.

at the conference Outreach 2022which took place on the campus of Fordham University in Manhattan, New York, lectures such as “The Catholic Rainbow: Race, Ethnicity and Intersectionality” and “Best Practices: LGBTQ Ministry in Catholic High Schools, Middle Schools and Universities” were given.

The lectures “Who am I to judge? Theological Perspectives for LGBTQ Catholics” and “Best Practices: LGBTQ Ministry in Catholic Parishes”. The name of the first lecture alludes to a statement by Pope Francis on the flight back to Rome from World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro in 2013. Francis was responding to a question by Brazilian journalist Ilze Scamparini about a Holy See representative in Uruguay accused of having had a homosexual relationship with a prom boy. The pope said that if someone is homosexual and seeks God, who would he be to judge.

James Martin, Gay “Pride” and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Martin has been an outspoken advocate of celebrating gay “pride” throughout the month of June.

Amid criticism, Martin said on Twitter on June 2 that Catholics “can celebrate Pride Month” because “for an LGBTQ person it’s not about celebrating vanity, it’s about recognizing human dignity.”

“For the religious person, it is also a reminder that LGBTQ people are God’s beloved children. #Pride2022,” wrote the Jesuit.

Days later, on June 14, James Martin again generated controversy by saying that the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whose month and feast the Catholic Church celebrates in June, and gay “pride” are “complementary and not contradictory”. .

Catholic doctrine on homosexuality is summarized in the following three articles from the Catechism of the Catholic Church;

2357 Homosexuality designates relationships between men or women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction to persons of the same sex. It has been dressed in very different ways, through the centuries and cultures. Its psychic genesis remains largely unexplained. Relying on Sacred Scripture, which presents them as serious depravities, Tradition has always declared that “acts of homosexuality are intrinsically disordered”. They are contrary to the natural law, they close the sexual act to the gift of life, they do not come from a true sexual affective complementarity, they cannot, under any circumstances, be approved.

2358. They must be received with respect, compassion and delicacy. Any sign of unfair discrimination against them will be avoided. These people are called to carry out God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite with the sacrifice of the Lord’s cross the people who are a considerable number of men and women have deeply rooted homosexual tendencies. This objectively disordered propensity is, for most of them, an ordeal. difficulties they may encounter due to their condition.

2359. Homosexual persons are called to chastity. Through the virtues of self-control, educators of interior freedom, and sometimes through the support of disinterested friendship, through prayer and sacramental grace, they can and must gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

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