Popular in the 2000s, Winamp gets a new version for Windows


O winamp is back. The popular Windows platform that played digital audio copied from CD’s or downloaded via file-sharing programs will get a new version.

Developers announced on an official forum (via Pitchfork) the software update four years after its last update. Called Winamp 5.9 RC1 Build 9999, the new model is a candidate edition to be the final version of the program and arrives after the release of Winamp 5.8 in 2018.

The new version is in the testing phase, but can be downloaded here.

Winamp Popularity in the 2000s

In the golden age of downloading nearly 20 years ago, Winamp was recognized for its ability to play the most popular audio formats and for customizing the user interface through skinswhich allowed to create unique visuals according to the preferences of each one.

However, with the popularization of the iTunes Store and, later, of digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, Winamp declined and, in 2013, AOL ended the activities of the service.

The company was even sold to the Belgian digital audio company Radionomy shortly afterwards. Do you still have space for MP3?

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