Pulgar is presented and is silent about the opposite reaction from the crowd

Chilean midfielder Erick Pulgar, 28, was officially presented by Flamengo today (4th) at the Ninho do Urubu training center. The player arrives surrounded by some off-field controversies that have taken place in his country, which has generated opposing demonstrations about his hiring from part of the red-black fans on social networks.

Shy, Pulgar showed a certain discomfort and did not want to delve too deeply into the subject.

“I speak very little of these matters outside of football. It is already over. I am enjoying Flamengo here. Questions outside of football are not right”, he said at first.

Later, he was asked about a possible rejection by part of the crowd at first, and he made it clear that he will give the answer on the field:

“About that, as I said, I’m not afraid of anything, I’ll try to reverse everything they think about me on the pitch. The fans have to like me for what I show on the pitch.”

Pulgar has a controversial history, which has generated some protests from Flamengo fans on social media. In 2013, when he was 18 years old, he was involved in a hit-and-run by a 66-year-old man, where he did not help and the victim ended up dying. The young man was taken into custody, but was later released. Already this year, according to Chile’s “TNT”, he was denounced in a case of rape of a 24-year-old woman in her home, but investigations, so far, have not proved his involvement in the crime, and they treat him as a “witness “.

“To leave a point regarding the off-field situation of the athlete who has just been hired. It is to make it clear here in a very transparent way for all the fans, for the journalists and for everyone. vice-presidents, the president, and I will speak for myself too. I have a daughter, I have a wife and I have a mother. If there is a person or if there are people who were interested in investigating this situation, it was all of us here. I have a child. I think having a child with an unfounded accusation is also very bad,” said Flamengo’s vice footballer, Marcos Braz, adding:

“So, just to make it clear that what we have until today, at this moment, is simply the boy being a witness to a problem that occurred in his house. Witness. The people and the problem have already been investigated, they have already had the penalties regarding these people. I have a mother, daughter and wife, but I also have a son who would not like to be accused of a situation that does not proceed. Suddenly, the hashtag that went up was at first, in this crazy world that we we are all living, but then when the facts were pointed out, facts said even by the Chilean police, I think everyone understood and had another analysis of the facts that are exposed until today. Just to make it clear in relation to this”.

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