Rival demands sale of Arrascaeta, Braz rebates and Uruguayan makes fun

It is not today that Giorgian De Arrascaeta is, for many, the best player in activity in Brazilian football. The high level shown by the Uruguayan, however, has angered rival fans, who have kindly asked for his sale to the European market.

A Vasco’s post generated a response from Marcos Braz, Flamengo’s vice president of Football. In the tweet, Braz replied “give it a try, the fine is small”. In this sense, the club that wants to rely on Arrascaeta’s work will need to pay around 40 million euros (R$ 214 million).

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However, there is no show of interest in shirt 14 at the moment. However, at the end of 2021, rumors emerged that Borussia Dortmund intended to buy the player, who at the time was in an imbroglio about his renewal, which was officially announced in January.

Arrascaeta joked about the request for its sale and became a review

In addition to Marcos Braz’s response, De Arrascaeta himself joked about the situation about its possible sale. After a profile publicized what happened, he commented using typical Bahian slang.

In Bahia, the term is used to ward off anything bad that is desired for the person, that is, Arrascaeta implied that he is far from wanting to leave Mengão. Therefore, the choice of a slang from another region of the country than Rio de Janeiro generated good repercussion among the Nation:

While nobody shows up with the money to take Arrascaeta from Mengão, he prepares for the next match. In this sense, Flamengo faces São Paulo next Saturday (6), at 20:30. The Uruguayan, however, must be spared by Dorival. On the tricolor side, Rogério Ceni also intends to run the team.

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