Ronaldo cites fans and says that today ‘Cruzeiro’s gesture is a success’

Ronaldo praised his management
photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

Ronaldo praised his management at Cruzeiro

At a Banco XP event, former player Ronaldo said he saw enormous potential in the purchase of shares in SAF do Cruzeiro, even with a debt that reached R$1 billion. He recalled his history with the celestial shirt and said that today the “club’s management is a success”.

“My past with cruise, my story with Cruzeiro, I started out very small in the club, which opened the doors to the world for me. And I, with the possibility of recovering Cruzeiro, saw a gigantic potential, as I saw the size of the debt, which was gigantic. But I knew that the potential was much greater than the debt,” Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo will pay R$ 400 million – an investment from the entrepreneur’s own pocket or by increasing revenues from the sale of players and prize shares and sponsorships – to keep 90% of SAF’s shares. The Cruzeiro association owns the other 10%.

Ronaldo and wife Celina Locks in the classic between Atltico and Cruzeiro

“I had to convince the Council and even the fans, who were a little manipulated in that sense and hoped that an Arab sheikh would arrive putting money and paying the debt, injecting money without a project and without processes, so that the Council could perpetuate itself” , said.

He praised the club’s management with the transformation into SAF. “I had to know how to communicate this to the fan, because there was resistance on the other side. A natural fear would work, if I would have the appropriate investments and if the investment I committed was too little or too much. This doubt was created a lot. But nowadays the fans have no doubt that we are a success in management”, he added.

Furthermore, Ronaldo said that Brazilian football needs to be better managed. “My biggest incentive to get into this business was the potential of Brazilian football. Here, we don’t have financial control, which is the main thing for football to evolve, for clubs to stop making absurd debts, send three, four coaches away a year. money away”, he emphasized.

“Brazilian football will turn the page. We have the raw material, which are the players. If we organize the championship right, we have everything to make a great football industry,” he added.

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