Ronaldo reveals messages from Pedro Mesquita about the purchase of Cruzeiro – Rádio Itatiaia

Owner of 90% of the shares of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) do Cruzeiro, Ronaldo said, on the night of this Wednesday (3), in a lecture on investments, that he was surprised by the invitation of Pedro Mesquita, director of XP, to participate in the reconstruction of the celestial club.

During the event, Ronaldo Fenômeno, who also manages Spain’s Real Valladolid, revealed that he had no intention of investing in a Brazilian club at this time. However, despite Cruzeiro’s billion-dollar debt, the Minas Gerais team’s potential to reverse the financial crisis was even greater, which motivated him to change his decision.

During the meeting, Ronaldo released an image in which Pedro Mesquita invites Phenomenon to talk about possible negotiations and sustainable management, which was made official months after the initial talks.

Fan distrust

In the lecture, Ronaldo also commented on the negotiation values ​​before ‘hitting the hammer’ to buy 90% of Cruzeiro’s shares.

“I had to know how to communicate this to the fans, because there was resistance on the other side. A natural fear would work, if I would have the right investments and if [o investimento] it was little or a lot. Much more than money, I believed in the potential I had to reverse the situation, the pride of Cruzeiro and the giant crowd of Cruzeiro. I started talking directly through my lives with the fan, explaining step by step how it would be done. It was very difficult, but, at the same time, very pleasant.”

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