Samsung users will be able to repair their own devices

Samsung has finally made its mobile and tablet self-repair service available through its partnership with iFixit. The novelty was announced at the beginning of the year by the brand, but it was only now officially launched.

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With this, Samsung will provide repair kits for devices with prices ranging between US$ 67 and US$ 227. Items that can be repaired by users are the screen, battery, charging ports and rear windows.

What will Samsung’s self-repair kits look like?

Each kit will come with a free return label to help send the broken parts to Samsung – they will be recycled correctly. For now, the self-repair program is limited to the US territory of the United States (USA) only. However, the company has already stated that it intends to extend the program to several other countries in the world.

It is worth noting that the novelty came shortly after Apple announced a very similar self-repair kit. In the case of “Apple”, the user will only be able to repair iPhones, but the range of products is wider, as it has camera kits and chip support tray (SIM).

One of the benefits of Samsung’s self-repair program is that it doesn’t require a separate tool kit.

Program helps to extend the life of devices

The great advantage of the self-repair service is to offer greater durability of the appliances, without having to resort to specialized and more expensive technical assistance. A person who likes the device can keep it active longer. It is necessary, however, that she has some skill in handling spatulas and keys.

Samsung has not yet said when it intends to make the self-repair kits available to other countries, such as Brazil. In addition, the value of the product was given only with regard to the North American territory.

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