Samsung’s chipset sector is suffering from a lack of innovative spirit

It is possible to say that the Exynos processors are not exactly on the rise, as Samsung has been promoting replacements for Qualcomm platforms in several models – and should even launch the Galaxy S23 next year only with Snapdragon chipset worldwide. New information points out that the problems of the brand’s processor division reach the factories’ internal operational, according to anonymous sources.

Exynos chipsets have lost market share over the past few months (Image: Handout/Samsung)

Information released by the News NCR portal points out that a junior employee of the company would have sent a letter to the management team, claiming that the researchers needed to deal with “impossible” goals, while living in a toxic work culture:

“It seems that decision makers are not understanding the root of the problems. I’ve heard some stories related to ‘crisis’, but I think this moment is the most dangerous so far.”

In addition, investors have already expressed their concerns about what are considered “inflexible traditions” of the brand led by Lee Jae-yong. There is, therefore, the impression that the company has left innovation in the background, focusing on the immediate increase in productivity and financial returns.

Troubled Exynos Chipsets

Galaxy S23 line should be sold only with Snapdragon processors (Image: YouTube/Technizo Concept)

The market outlook in recent months has been marked by Samsung’s increasing distance from brands such as Qualcomm and MediaTek, especially in relation to platforms aimed at high-end devices — the Galaxy S23 line itself, for example, should be sold only with Snapdragon processors.

Therefore, the Korean brand would have a mountain to climb, with an estimated delay of 12 months in relation to the development of the components. It is understood that Samsung has all the necessary structure to accelerate these improvements, something that does not happen precisely because of internal conflicts.

In a previous statement, Samsung has already stated that it is “committed to developing more attractive Exynos processors”. However, a reorganization of the business model is also underway, with plans to increase competitiveness in the medium and long term – with this, the launch of the Exynos 2300 has already been put in doubt, and should not happen in the coming months.

Source: News NCR, via Wccftech

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