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Once again a protagonist of Palmeiras, Gustavo Scarpa was the only athlete from Verdão who spoke to the press in the mixed zone of Mineirão after the 2-2 draw with Atlético-MG, in the first leg of the quarterfinals of Libertadores, in last wednesday.

Decisive with direct participation in the two goals from Palmeiras in Belo Horizonte, the midfielder talked about the good moment and admitted to being in the best phase of his career. In a farewell rhythm, he revealed that he even felt afraid after signing a pre-contract with Nottingham Forest, from England.

– I’m happy as hell. The end of a cycle is coming. I had a certain fear of having bad performances after signing a pre-contract, but I got it into my head that I needed to keep doing my best and that things would flow. It’s really flowed, I’m living the best moment of my career, I think, I’m very happy with it, I’ve matured as a person and as a player. But tomorrow is a new day, there’s no use carrying the praise of a match like this. Think about the next one,” he said.

Gustavo Scarpa in Atlético-MG vs Palmeiras — Photo: César Greco

– I see Scarpinha as a guy of the time, humble, in his own way. He always tried to conquer space in the most sincere, polite and honest way possible. He has been crowned with excellent performances, results. Recognition is sometimes extremely important, but the most important thing is for you to have the conviction of what you are and capable of, not to be beaten down by criticism and not deceived by praise. I take my life like that – completed the Palmeirense.

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After Atlético-MG opened 2-0, Palmeiras looked for an equalizer with Murilo’s goal, after Scarpa’s free kick, and Danilo, after a corner hit by the midfielder.

The Palmeirense admitted a lower-than-expected performance in the first stage, but highlighted the emotional power of the cast to seek equality at the end of the game.

– I don’t know if we came back better, no (for the second half). Even because in two minutes we already conceded a goal (laughs). But the team had a lot of mental strength to adapt to the adversities of the game. I think we stopped imposing our rhythm for a long time, but when we put the ball on the ground we were crowned with a draw – analyzed the athlete, who also talked about the return game, in São Paulo, on Wednesday. next.

Best moments: Atlético-MG 2 x 2 Palmeiras, for the quarterfinals of Libertadores 2022

Best moments: Atlético-MG 2 x 2 Palmeiras, for the quarterfinals of Libertadores 2022

– It will be a very difficult game. It was clear to everyone that the decision is open, anything can happen there in São Paulo. We need to be careful because Galo’s team is excellent, dangerous. We have our merits too and we have to try to impose our rhythm.

Decisive in goals and assists, Scarpa also spoke about his tactical and physical evolution with the Palmeiras shirt. Against Atlético-MG, for example, he started the match open on the left, helped with the marking and even played the role of right-back in the second stage.

– I am also very surprised with my physical part because I never imagined that I would be able to do area to area so well, with quality. The physical preparation people at Palmeiras help me a lot. I take care of myself. I have my alternative hobbies that strengthen my mind (laughs). It ends up making me feel lighter too. I thank God because I really am very happy, a very remarkable moment. I try not to get carried away, you know? When you live a nice moment, it’s normal to get excited, but maturity has arrived in my life and I’m trying to take this moment very lightly.

"Today we saw history!", praises Leandro Bocca |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Today we saw history!”, extols Leandro Bocca | The Voice of the Crowd

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