Senator presents “Uber Assistance” for drivers and delivery men

Expenses with a new benefit would be incorporated into the BRL 2 billion of BEm-Taxista; whoever has another job will not receive

Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM) presented this Tuesday (2.Aug.2022) a project that creates assistance for drivers and motorcyclists of applications such as Uber. The amount of the payment installment is not defined, but the benefit should run until the end of the year. The cost will be absorbed by the R$ 2 billion set aside to help taxi drivers. Here is the full text of the project (253 KB).

According to the text, only workers who reside, work and prove registration on platforms in Brazil will be able to receive the benefit. In another project (232 KB), Braga creates a register of professionals with data such as hours worked in the apps. You will not receive who:

  • Is a civil servant, even if retired;
  • Is a partner in an active company;
  • Carry out any other remunerated activity;
  • Have worked less than 30 hours per week with the applications in the last 6 months.

According to the justification of the proposal, there are 1.45 million app drivers and motorcyclists and taxi drivers. Considering an aid of up to R$1,000, the cost would fit in the resources already reserved for the so-called BEm-Taxista (Emergency Taxi Benefit).

If approved, the “Uber Assistance” must reduce the amount paid to taxi drivers. What was expected was that the government would pay 6 installments of R$ 1,000 for this category. The total amount of the benefit will have to be divided to cover app drivers.

Brazilian municipalities have until 7:00 pm this Tuesday (2.Aug.2022) to send the data of the drivers that can be served by the BEm-Taxista. The Ministry of Labor and Welfare extended the deadline on Monday (1st August).

The 1st and 2nd installments will be paid on August 16th. City halls and the Federal District must register on the portal provided by the ministry.

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