Space object crashes into farm in Australia and astrophysicist intrigue: ‘Exciting and strange at the same time’

Debris was part of a trunk discarded by the capsule of one of the SpaceX missions, company of Elon Musk

Andrew LEESON / AFPTV / Brad Tucker / AFPspace object in australia
Object is part of one of the missions of SpaceX, company of billionaire Elon Musk

Two sheep farmers from Australia, Mick Miners and Jock Wallace, were surprised last week to come across a charred piece of space debris on their land. The case takes place in New South Wales, an outlying area around the Snowy Mountains. The piece found is 2.5 meters long and is part of one of SpaceX’s missions, a Elon Musk, confirmed the authorities of Australia this Thursday, 4. It is believed that on July 9, the wreckage fell to pieces on Earth. In a statement, the Australian Space Agency confirmed that the material came from one of Musk’s missions and asked residents to report any new findings to the SpaceX. “The Agency has confirmed that the debris comes from a SpaceX mission and has continued in contact with our US counterparts, as well as other parts of the Commonwealth and local authorities,” an agency spokesperson said. This is not the first time that cases like this have happened, other reports of space debris have already been reported from nearby properties, making the appearance of more pieces of the SpaceX mission likely.

According to astrophysicist Brad Tucker, sought after by farmers to visit the site, the piece was part of a trunk discarded by the previous Crew-1 capsule, when it re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere in 2021. “It was exciting and strange at the same time,” said the astrophysicist. about contact with that object. He reported that finding the large debris lodged in the empty field reminded him of the science fiction film 2001 – A Space Odyssey. “It’s impressive to see him,” he said. Most space debris falls into the sea, but with the advancement of space industries around the world, the number of such cases is likely to increase, he added. “We have to understand the existence of the likely risk of ever reaching an inhabited area and what that means,” warned Tucker. In an article for The Conseration, The Open University’s planetary science professor Monica Grady drew attention to space debris. According to her, the probability that one or more people will die from special man-made debris in the next 10 years is about 10%. A new study by Grady shows that natural objects such as meteors are less of a threat when they fall to Earth than man-made objects.

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Debris is part of a chest dropped by the previous Crew-1 capsule

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