“Talked to Barros”; Sormani brings exclusive and reveals that Dracena tried to take Veron and another Palmeiras holder to Santos

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Anderson Barros, however, vetoed the athletes’ departure on that occasion and ended up frustrating the former Santos leader’s plans

Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras
Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras

Palmeiras is going through a great phase in the Copa Libertadores. That’s because even when the team led by Abel Ferreira is not having a good day, everything works out for the current two-time champion of the competition. Last Wednesday night (3) Palestra saw Atlético Mineiro, who played inside Mineirão, open 2-0, but even so, they didn’t get down, went to get the score and left Belo Horizonte with a 2-2 draw, and now he will be able to decide the spot for the semi-final alongside his fans next week.

And the person responsible for Verdão’s reaction was midfielder Gustavo Scarpa. The number 14 shirt once again showed why he has been the best athlete of the Greatest Champion in Brazil in 2022. It was the player who took the free-kick that hit the crossbar and soon after that resulted in Murilo’s goal. It was also the professional’s cross that made Danilo tie the duel and Verdão consequently took the decision to São Paulo.

In agreement with Nottingham Forest for 2023, Gustavo Scarpa, who has a contract with Verdão until the end of 2023, almost didn’t go to play in the São Paulo rival earlier this season. As he was not an absolute starter with Abel Ferreira in the first months of the year, Edu Dracena tried to take the number 14 to Santos. However, Anderson Barros vetoed the midfielder’s departure at the same time. In addition to Scarpa, Veron was also in the sights of the former Santos leader. The information is from journalist Fábio Sormani.

“Edu Dracena tried to take him at the beginning of the year. See Scarpa’s history until the end of last year, he didn’t play. And Dracena told me. He wanted to take two players from Palmeiras to Santos: Veron and Scarpa. He talked to Anderson Barros, people from Palmeiras, but it didn’t work out. Then Scarpa started to join the team…”, Sormani told ESPN F90.

With Scarpa, but without Veron – traded to Porto for € 10 million at the end of July -, Palmeiras returns to the field next Sunday (7), to face Goiás, in a game valid for the 21st round of the Brasileirão. Verdão is the leader of the competition with 42 points won so far.

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