Terrorists Begin Chile’s “Territorial Recovery”

Terrorists Begin Chile's “Territorial Recovery”

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O Mapuche armed group Coordinator Arauco MallecoCAM (pictured), announced last weekend that it started a “Territorial Recovery Process” from Chileinforms the Crusoe. Seven properties were forcibly taken in the region of araucaniain the south of the country.

“The action is part of a broader CAM offensive, which wasi classified as a terrorist group by the Chilean Chamber of Deputies, in June. After the inauguration of the leftist president Gabriel Boric, in March, the group got bolder. your director, Hector Llaitulcalled on its members to make an armed resistance and attack ‘big capital’.”

The governor of the Araucania region, Luciano Rivas, talked to crusoe about the latest events in the country.

Fourteen people have been murdered this year alone. There are entire families who have lost their homes and their jobs. […] After Boric took office, it took the government nearly fifty days to realize that the violence in southern Chile needed to be tackled decisively.” said.

“Its initial position was not to renew the State of Emergency, which led to the withdrawal of more than 2,000 soldiers from the region and an immediate increase in episodes of violence of more than 500%. When the government finally decided to enact a new State of Emergency, albeit on a limited basis, there was a general decrease in cases. But we are still worried with two things”he added.

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