The Bizarre Illness That Affects Brad Pitt’s Career and Daily Life

The bizarre illness that affects Brad Pitt’s career and daily life

The actor says he suffers from a disorder, although it has never been diagnosed. Many find him pretentious and self-centered because of this.

“Bullet Train: Bullet Train” premieres this Thursday.

Brad Pitt is a sex symbol, one of the main names in the movie industry, formed two of the most mediatic couples ever – with Jennifer Aniston and later with Angelina Jolie – and recently he has been showing that he wears the clothes he wants. . His relevance remains.

He continues to be the protagonist of films that are huge box office successes and is now the star of “Bullet Train: Conboio Bala”, which opens this Thursday, August 4, in Portuguese cinemas. Five assassins aboard a bullet train discover that all their missions have something in common — this is the premise of the narrative directed by David Leitch.

Throughout his career, Brad Pitt has not only heard praise. He is often called “self-centered” or “pretentious”, something that ended up affecting his image in the eyes of part of the public. The actor explains, however, that he is sometimes misunderstood.

The fault, according to him, is because he suffers from prosopagnosia – despite never having been officially diagnosed. This disorder, also known as “face blindness”, makes it difficult for him to recognize faces easily, and social interactions, which are crucial to an actor’s job, become more difficult.

“Nobody believes me,” the 58-year-old actor told GQ magazine in June of this year. The way he started to be seen made him not want to leave the house so regularly. “A lot of people hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them. They tell me ‘you are being selfish. You are being pretentious.’ But for me it is a mystery. I don’t know why I can’t recognize faces.”

Although he has spoken more openly about this disorder in recent months, it is known that the actor has reportedly been suffering from prosopagnosia for several years now. In 2013, he spoke about his situation with Esquire magazine, where he admitted that even if he has had a deep conversation with someone, the details of the other person’s face start to fade as soon as they say goodbye. The next time they meet, it’s “like meeting a new person”.

“There was a year when I decided I was just going to ask people where we’d met. But that only made the situation worse. They were even more offended. Every now and then they give me context and I appreciate it,” she explains. Those who didn’t understand the situation were angry, and that’s when he decided to go the other way. He started tricking other people and pretending he knew them, until they gave him a clue or a little bit of context until he really realized who they were.

It’s a “very real syndrome,” Leah Croff, a professor of neurology at Temple University Hospital, explains to “Good Morning America.” It is estimated that, globally, one in 50 people suffer from prosopagnosia. “For some people, it may be just a little difficulty to associate a name with the face of an acquaintance. For others, it may be more severe, having trouble recognizing their own friends and family, or having trouble seeing their own reflection.” In the United States of America, about 6.6 million people suffer from this disorder.

“I believe Brad Pitt has the same experience as many patients, who feel that something is not right, but are not quite sure what and where to ask for help. If anyone thinks that Brad’s story is similar to yours, the best thing is to seek help to be properly evaluated”, something that the actor will not have done yet.

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