The Queen of the South Season 5 has a Netflix premiere date confirmed

It’s been a long time since the 5th season of the queen of the south was fully aired in the United States. But around here, fans of the series are still waiting to find out the outcome of Teresa and her cartel. In Brazil, the series is shown by Netflix and until then, it is extremely behind the original channel.

the queen of the south is a North American version of the famous soap opera starring Kate Del Castillo. Originally, the Mexican production ended in 2010 – although a sequel is on the way -. In this way, the version starring the Brazilian Alice Braga exceeds the original story.

The series revolves around Teresa Mendoza, a young woman who, from a young age, learned to fend for herself, including financially. So when her drug-dealing boyfriend is killed, she leaves as a refugee for the US, though she still tries to win in her own way. Forming new alliances, she decides to unseat an influential criminal, and take charge of a powerful drug cartel.

The 5th season of the queen of the south coming soon to the Netflix catalog. Therefore, in this article you can check all the details about the final season of the series. That is, here we will see the details of the plot, cast and the premiere date.

The 5th season of the queen of the south on Netflix

Annually, the queen of the south was always updated in January. However, as with many series, the final seasons of most series arrive with a certain delay in the catalog. This is due to the numerous reruns adopted by TV channels for not having new episodes to air.

Either way, fans needn’t worry, as the series’ final episodes from the day September 1, 2022. On this date, all episodes of the final season will be available.

Plot: What happens?

The 5th season of the queen of the south will take off directly from the final events of season four. In the last episode we saw on Netflix, Teresa made a deal with the Russian mafia, but they turn into brutish adversaries in season five.

But that’s not the only problem Teresa has. James returned in the final episode, bloodied and stating that “They’re coming for you”. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to diagnose whether it’s the Russians, the DEA, or an enemy we haven’t seen in the series yet. However, there is one certainty: Teresa will not find peace.

Another point is the whereabouts of James. In an interview with EW, before the US premiere, Ben Lobato made it very clear that the key to the season is James.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for his return to find out and explore where he was and why he was doing what he was doing,” revealed the showrunner. “I think the next season will be fascinating to find out the reasons why he was absent.”

The official synopsis provided by the USA Network channel also showed us that Teresa does not have an easy life in the final episodes. The channel released what will happen in the 5th season of the queen of the south.

“Teresa proposes to expand her business in New York, and that will not be easy. Meanwhile, James proves his allegiance to Teresa.”

In the released trailer, we see Teresa say: “These Russians, they are the most ruthless sons of bitches that walk the earth.” Watch:

Cast: Who Returns?

The official cast of season 5 of the queen of the south is headed by Alice Braga. The Brazilian, world-renowned as City of God, gives life to the head of the Teresa cartel. Another important character that will be in the season is Pote Galvez.

Teresa’s longtime ally is played by actor Hemky Madera. Kelly Anne will be back, this time as a regular cast member, played by Molly Burnett. The character is known as the abusive husband-killing informant.

Peter Gadiot who plays James is confirmed. Although he remained missing for much of the season, Lobato, the series’ showrunner, confirmed his return.

“We decided to bring him back and prepare him for Season 5 and here we go” – told the looper.

Finally, it is important to note that some actors and their respective characters will not be in the season. Julian Silva (who played Tony Parra) and Alfonso Herrera (who played Javier Jimenez), had their fates sealed. That is, they will not return for the fifth season.

5th season of the queen of the south it’s the last

The Queen of the South will have season 5 on Netflix
Image: Publicity/USA Network

As we previously reported, the fifth season of the queen of the south it’s the last. When the USA Network channel announced its end, fans were shocked. After all, it is one of the most popular productions in the history of the channel.

However, through a statement the channel gave its opinion.

“Over five seasons, this series has won us over with its brilliant storytelling and bold and powerful characters.” In addition, it broke through great barriers of the genre. Likewise, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this incredible team of creators, cast, and crew.”

“We have closed that chapter, and we hope that the final season will bring fans everything they deserve.” – added the president, Frances Berwick.

Finally, the team formed by Dailyn Rodriguez, Ben Lobato and David Friendly got together and stated:

“We are very proud of everything our crew and cast have done on this magnificent journey. The series started in Mexico City, but took us to many places we never imagined. Among them, Malta and Colombia, until finally landing in New Orleans. We can’t wait to share the explosive final season with our fans. Therefore, we owe a lot to the talent of the tireless actress Alice Braga, who gave life to our Queen”.

original series returns

Although fans will be orphaned by Alice Braga’s Teresa, Kate Del Castillo’s character will return. The Mexican version of the queen of the south – in this case La Reina del Sur – will have a 3rd season. The series will return after almost 10 years on hiatus and with the exception of the United States, Netflix will distribute the series internationally.

However, it has not been confirmed exactly when the episodes will return, the forecast is that this will occur in 2022. The series suffered from delays, due to the possibility of Castillo returning to Mexico, however, the recordings were completed.

By the way, through his social networks, the star of the series shared the last day of the recordings.

So, are you looking forward to watching the 5th and final season of the queen of the south ?

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