Thief returns cell phone to woman who said she was still paying for it

Security cameras at a pizzeria in Camaçari (BA) recorded the moment in which a robber returns an attendant’s cell phone after she asked him not to take the object, claiming that he had not yet finished paying the installments for his purchase.

The case was registered last night. In the video, it is possible to see that the man takes the cell phone of the attendant behind the counter, makes a move to leave, but sympathizes with the request.

“It’s an iPhone, what do you want it for? Please, it’s my cell phone, man, I’m paying, please, humbly”, asks the attendant. The suspect then returns the device and leaves with only the cash from the cashier.

According to the owner of the establishment, who preferred not to be identified, this is the second record of robbery at the pizzeria in two months. In the previous case, on June 26, robbers arrived at the scene by car and carried out a dragnet, taking cell phones from those who were present.

Burglar returned cell phone to victim after she informed that she was still paying phone - Security Cameras/Playback - Security Cameras/Playback

Robber returned cell phone to victim after she informed that she was still paying for phone

Image: Security/Playback Cameras

In yesterday’s occurrence, violence was also used against employees who were inside the kitchen.

“The thief came in with a gun in his hand. At first, he tried to take our attendant’s cell phone, then he went into the kitchen, put the gun to the pizzaiolo’s head asking for the cell phone. This type of violence is usual for criminals. , he took money from the cashier and, at that moment, our attendant appealed to the thief, saying that she had bought the cell phone in installments”, explained the owner of the establishment in an interview with UOL.

He did not detail the amount of money taken by the robbers. According to him, the employee who had the phone returned is shaken and afraid of the situation. Her cell phone cost just under R$3,000 and only the third installment of the phone was paid.

According to the Military Police of Bahia, a team was called by the pizzeria employees after the robbery. They carried out searches for the suspects in the region, but had not arrested any suspects until this afternoon.

The Civil Police said that the case was not registered at the local police station.

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